Our Mission

With so many of us doing cool things, it’s hard to keep track!

That is why we need DFTBCreative.com! Think of us as a directory. If you need a thing, you can use this as a quick way to check if anyone within the community does that thing!

Nerdfighters supporting Nerdfighters!

We are a diverse, nerdy, creative, and just Awesome group of people who make a point of not forgetting to be that way!

The vision behind creating DFTBCreative was to offer up a tool for the community. Nerfighters are an ubiquitous sort- spanning many corners of the web, gracing many virtual spaces with our nerdiness. I love that about us, however it makes the act of consolidating all of our projects a bit of an undertaking. I propose that we have a place to check in. With more awareness of where to find each other’s creative projects and side hustles, anyone in the market for something creative can decide to ‘shop nerdy’ first. I’d rather give my money to a nerd than, I don’t know, some large nameless/faceless corporation. But, I digress.

I hope this site can be of some utility! Enjoy! And, as always, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!